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Stone kitchen countertops


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Countertops / Window sill / Stairs / Fireplace
Countertops / Window sill / Stairs / Fireplace
Countertops / Window sill / Stairs / Fireplace

Bathroom and kitchen stone countertops

It is not an exaggeration - on this site you will see materials for special tasks. Granites, quartzites, quartz conglomerates and sinters intended for kitchen and bathroom countertops, these are excellent products with superb technical properties and a guarantee of timeless beauty.

Granite and quartzite for stone kitchen countertops

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Stone kitchen countertops are a wonderful symbol of our unity with the planet which we live on. At Furmanek stone wholesalers you will find the most beautiful stone slabs for countertops imported from all over the world. From the inside of Earth, we choose unique colours and patterns for you, so that you can make them the centrepiece of your home. We are sure you will find granite slabs for your dream kitchen countertop at our company. Granite, quartzite, conglomerate: whatever you choose, you can be sure - your stone kitchen countertop will be one of a kind. The kitchen is a home studio, workshop or even a laboratory! When looking for the perfect material for a kitchen countertop, we must first think about its resistance to various conditions. Our granite or quartzite slabs are resistant to moisture and dirt. When choosing the right material for countertops, always consider resistance to a wide range of temperatures. The resistance to mechanical damage or scratches is also important. Use your kitchen the way you want!

Quartz sinters in your kitchen.

Quartz sinters are a modern alternative for kitchen countertops. Sinters for countertops are fired in hybrid furnaces, in which the temperature reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. As a result, we obtain a product that is highly resistant to both heat and mechanical damage. Thanks to their compact structure, ceramic sinters for kitchen or bathroom countertops are also practically non-absorbent. This, in turn, makes them resistant to moisture and dirt (including stubborn kitchen stains). Quartz sinters offered at Furmanek stone wholesalers easily meet the most demanding standards. Our large-format ceramic sinters are a product of natural origin that meets the expectations of the modern world searching for ways of returning to nature.

Kitchen countertops made of quartz conglomerates

Quartz conglomerates for kitchen countertops draw from the natural design of quartzite and inherit excellent properties of this rock formation. It should be emphasized that our acid conglomerates for kitchen worktops are made in strictly controlled conditions, this allows us to obtain a material with very high technical parameters. Thanks to the compact structure and the use of an epoxy binder, conglomerate slabs are also practically non-absorbent. What is more, unlike natural stone, quartz conglomerates intended for bathroom and kitchen countertops are not effected by acid substances and permanently retain their antibacterial properties, thus making it easier to keep cleanliness.

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