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We are glad that you have visited our warehouse in search of the best materials for your interior. Marble is a noble and exclusive material, and tiles made of it will surely delight you. We have been supplying high-quality marble plates or tiles for 30 years. Shopping in our store is the best way for a unique arrangement.

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Marble luxury in your interior

For centuries, marble has been synonymous with noble luxury and refined elegance. Already in antiquity it was used as a building material, and architects competed in creating the most original buildings out of it. The rulers who conquered enemy cities plundered marble columns and statues as well as precious metals! Marble is found all over the world, but the acquisition and processing of blocks of stone in the most beautiful patterns and colors is the essence of the art of stonemasonry. The point is to find the varieties with the most beautiful colors and to optimally use the heterogeneous structure of this stone (characteristic veining). At Furmanek tile wholesalers, we do everything to satisfy the most demanding lovers of marble floors and linings. Only with us you can buy the highest quality slabs and tiles online. When it comes to colours, we have the most beautiful varieties and we precisely mark each batch so you can be sure your floor will look great. The point is that individual stone blocks from which we produce our tiles, even within the same variety from the same mining point, may differ significantly (especially in shade, but also in the intensity of the pattern). This is one of the advantages of marble - each tile is really unique and so will your interior. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our sample arrangements, in which we described in detail which species of marble tiles we used. See for yourself that noble elegance makes marble a great decoration of any space. Get inspired and let us spoil you!

The wealth of applications of marble tiles

Noble elegance, unique design and exclusive character are not all the advantages of marble. This stone is also distinguished by very good technical properties - the key to understanding them is the history of its creation. Marble is a so-called metamorphic stone. This means that its minerals (mainly limestones and dolomites) have been transformed under the influence of very high temperatures and equally high pressures to which they have been subjected throughout the earth's history. Thanks to the extreme conditions, a stone was created that is distinguished by a very high hardness (its hardness ranges from 6 to 7 on the ten-point Mosh scale). On the other hand, the absorbability of marbles is impressively low (from 0 to 2%, depending on the variety). Thanks to the high density, marbles are additionally resistant to compression and bending. All the parameters listed above explain why marble tiles are not only beautiful, but also a universal architectural material. The confirmed hardness makes marble a great building material for stairs and floors. The more so that, depending on the variety, marble tiles can also be used outdoors (both for floors and facades), because the negligible water absorption guarantees frost resistance. It should be mentioned that marble tiles perfectly tolerate not only low temperatures, but also high ones. In addition, they conduct heat perfectly, and can even accumulate it, and then give it back to the environment at an optimal rate. Yes! This sounds like the perfect recipe for the perfect material for underfloor heating or fireplace linings. Let us also add to the list of advantages that marble tiles after polishing acquire a durable and unique gloss.

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