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 Quartz sinters

Quartz sinters for countertops


Way to go! You have found the best quartz sinters for kitchen countertops. Our large-format ceramic tiles impress with their beautiful design. We will satisfy all your aesthetic requirements. The quality of our countertops will not disappoint you. See kitchen arrangements using Florim quartz sinters.

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  • outdoors
  • indoors


white / light gray

cream / beige / brown


graphite / gray

red / maroon

gold / tawny / orange


  • frost resistant
  • underfloor heating


  • kitchen countertop |bathroom countertop
  • floor | stairs
  • terrace
  • fireplace
  • wall cladding | facade


  • 320×160 cm
  • 280×120 cm
  • 240×120 cm


  • 6 mm
  • 12 mm


  • glossy, deep color

  • matte, anti-slip (R9)

  • matte, non-anti-slip

    smooth / honed / soft / velvet


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Quartz sinters / 81 Colors Color Colors

Quartz sinters for kitchen countertops

Large-format ceramic plates are a modern alternative to stone countertops. They are fired in hybrid kilns, in which the temperature reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. As a result, we get a product that is highly resistant to both heat and scratches or stains. Thanks to their compact structure, ceramic sinters are also practically non-absorbent. This, in turn, makes them resistant to moisture and any dirt (including any stubborn kitchen stains). All these advantages have been contained in boards 6 or 12 millimeters thick! The astonishing thinness of the sinters combined with their grammage (respectively: 15.5 or 31 kg/m2) make the boards available in Furmanek wholesalers one of the lightest ways to create a super-durable worktop (12 mm). We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Each of our sinter is waiting for your move.

Natural, hygienic, elegant

Choosing the perfect countertop material is often a complex process where many factors influence the final decision. Since countertops in a house or apartment are primarily functional, practical issues are of primary importance here. It is known that the work surface in your dream kitchen or bathroom must be resistant to dirt or mechanical damage (such as scratches), thermal and chemical (acids, fats, dyes). Quartz sinters for kitchen and bathroom countertops offered in Furmanek wholesalers meet all these conditions. But the list of their advantages does not end there. Our large-format ceramic tiles are a product of natural origin that meets the expectations of the modern world looking for ways to return to nature. In addition, quartz sinters for countertops have hygienic certificates, so you can be sure that their contact, e.g. with food, is completely safe. Finally, it should be emphasized that ceramics for bathroom and kitchen countertops is a modern and original design that has won the hearts of aesthetes around the world. The more so that thanks to the use of technologically advanced processing (e.g. cutting holes with the waterjet cutting technique), quartz sinters enable the preparation of worktops perfectly matched to other arrangement elements. We encourage you to see our proposals for interior finishing with the use of large-format ceramics. We also recommend taking a look at our Knowledge Base. We are sure that you will not be able to take your eyes off our sintered countertops. We are waiting for your move and we believe that together we will conjure up an incredible aesthetic effect in your kitchen or bathroom. Your dream interior deserves it.

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